Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Macam mana bha mau buat?

Hi friends. 

I didn't updated my blog for 2 days. I was not busy or something, it just that I was looking for a new template for my blog. This pink color made me bored easily. 

The result was negative. In fact I lost all my widgets I had in my blog before. I was fortunate cause I'd made all the backups before trying the new templates. Doing backups are essential do u know that? In case something goes wrong with your code, backups can help. I learnt it in one of my subjects I took this semester. Helpful huh? ;)

Does anyone know how to make the chatbox in Blogger can be hidden and shown? Not just for the chatbox, also for widgets that we wish to hide and show. Anyone? Just like my friends had.  I tried so many codes already, but none of them work. 

That's all. My eyes are tired. 


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